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Elithion is a privately held Corporation in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to the development and marketing of electronic solutions for the Lithium Ion battery industry.

Elithion designs and manufactures Battery Management Systems (BMS), large Li-ion packs and battery modules for stationary battery installations.

The Elithion team has comprehensive experience in electronics design as well as extensive expertise in validated and proven battery systems engineering. Their capabilities include working with large cell suppliers and integrating custom solutions.

Elithion was founded in 2008 by Davide Andrea (author of the book "Battery Management Systems for Large Lithion-Ion Battery Packs") and was one of the first companies to offer an off-the-shelf Li-ion Battery Management System. The team has expanded to include veterans in technical customer support, innovative marketing and proven leadership in the advanced battery industry.

Our worldwide client installations encompass numerous variations spanning the automotive, utility vehicle, marine, power utility and telecommunications industries.

Why Elithion

Elithion engineers started developing Li-ion BMS technology in 2004, including Plug-in Hybrid conversions starting from 2006.

In 2008 Elithion was the first US company to develop and offer commercially an off-the-shelf Li-ion BMS.

Since then, work in a wide variety of applications and close collaboration with partners, customers, cell manufacturers, academics and even competitors, has given Elithion a wide, unmatched understanding of a the evolving Li-ion technology.

We are well versed in the most effective technologies and know which practices are unsafe. We understand intimately how Li-ion cells work within a battery and how Li-ion batteries work within a system. We use that understanding in our design work and in supporting you in your work.

We are eager to share our expertise with the industry, through publications and other educational efforts and consulting services.

Elithion is regularly sought by battery conferences to give presentations on unique, interesting and even controversial subjects related to Li-ion cells, batteries and BMSs.

Various players in the battery industry continually seek Elithion's expertise in all aspects of Li-ion batteries and technology, in areas as varied as trains, electric airplanes, BMS design and grid optimization.

When accidents do happen, Elithion's expertise is treasured by the legal profession, insurance industry and other parties eager to discover causes and learn of solutions.


AllCell Technologies logo
AllCell Technologies - Building cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries for grid storage and renewable energy applications.
Battery packs with custom Elithion algorithms for high power, grid quality applications.

CIE Solutions logo
CIE Solutions - Designing and building custom energy management systems.
Enerdel battery packs with Elithion BMSs.

eBaracus logo
eBaracus - Zero carbon, mechanical, electrical and chemical integration services for the electric motorsports industry.
Custom BMS and pack design for hi-energy/hi-power applications.

Strukton Embedded Solutions logo Strukton Embedded Solutions - Engineering services for electric traction and control systems.
Custom-made Elithion cell board design


Elithion's mission is to support the large lithium-ion battery industry with Li-ion solutions designed for efficiency, safety, and durability ultimately leading to an environmentally cleaner, more sustainable, world.

Key personnel

Steve Mayer, Consultant/adviser

Steve Mayer

Steve has 20 years of management and engineering experience in start-ups and large corporations across industries that include electric and hybrid vehicles, suspension design, crash testing, automotive validation testing, telecom systems and energy storage systems.

Steve holds a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) BYU, Provo, UT and also received a B.S., Mechanical Engineering BYU, Provo, UT.

Davide Andrea, Founder, CTO

Davide Andrea

Davide Andrea is internationally recognized as one of the leading experts in Li-ion battery management technology.

Davide is the author of the book "Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Packs , which was published Sep 30th 2010,

Davide has 25 years experience in electronics design, and had been in the Li-Ion Battery Management System field since 2004.

Davide holds a BS is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (University of Colorado, 1982).

Greg Lundie, Technical operations manager

Greg Lundie

Greg Lundie is a multi-disciplinary engineer with more than 15 years of experience developing new products as well as technical customer support and writing quotes.

Greg has a B.A. in Physics from the Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

Joan Marwitz, Strategy development and marketing

Joan Marwitz

Joan is a director of Espy Marketing, a denver based marketing consulting company.

Joan's industry experience includes all facets of the telecommunications business community; a Fortune 500 manufacturer, a wireless service provider several software and solutions providers.

Joan holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Northern Illinois University and a MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, IL.


Elithion was formed in the summer of 2008 as an LLC, for the purpose of commercializing Davide Andrea's Li-Ion BMS technology.

With its Lithiumate product line, Elithion quickly became the de facto leader in commercially available, distributed, Li-Ion BMSs and has retained that position since.

The company was restructured as a S-Corp in Jan 2011.

In March 2012, Elithion started its large battery production program.

In August 2013, Elithion moved to its present, larger headquarters.

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