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Off-the-shelf BMSs
Lithiumate HD master BMS for general usage

⇐ Lithiumate - general use BMS⇒

Commercial grade BMS, ideal for professional installations.
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  • 255 cells
  • Distributed
  • 1000's in the field, since 2008
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Vinci EV Lithium-ion BMS for automotive traction batttery packs

Vinci EV - Automotive BMS

Most advanced off-the-shelf BMS for traction packs (electric vehicles)
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  • All Li-ion chemistries
  • 11000 cells / battery
  • Centralized or distributed
  • 96~700 V, 1~65000 Ah
Vinci HV Lithium-ion BMS for high voltage grid energy storage systems

Vinci HV - Grid / off grid BMS

Most advanced off-the-shelf BMS for grid tied or off-grid systems
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  • All Li-ion chemistries
  • 11000 cells / battery, up to 60 batteries in an array
  • Optic fiber isolation
  • 600~1500 V, 1~65000 Ah
Vinci LV Lithium-ion BMS for 48 V applications: solar, telecom, UPS

Vinci LV - 24~48 V BMS

Most advanced off-the-shelf BMS for low voltage batteries
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  • All Li-ion chemistries, lead acid
  • 16 cells / battery, up to 60 batteries in an array
  • Centralized
  • 24~48 V, 1~65000 Ah
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⇐ Cell board for multiple small cylindrical cells ⇒

PCB on prismatic cells

Cell board for multiple prismatic cells

PCB on pouch cells

Cell board for multiple pouch cells


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For volume production, to meet your exact requirements

Should one of Elithion's standard BMSs not be suitable to your application, our engineers would be eager to discuss with you a custom BMS to meet your particular needs.

For high volume production, a customized version of an Elithion standard BMS Elithion's standard BMSs with ease installation and reduce costs.

Initial use of a standard BMS gives you the oportunity to test the Elithion technology rapidly and inexpensively, while we design a custom BMS specific to your applications

A custom BMS:

  • Can be more economical
  • Can include an interface specific to your application
  • Can interface specifically to your cells

Options include:

  • Private labeling of the user interface and of the hardware
  • Packaging: board level, custom case, sealed case and/or connectors
  • Optimization: removal of unneeded banks, inputs, data ports
  • Enhancements: inclusion of current sensors, contactors, displays...
  • Data ports: RS485, USB, Ethernet...
  • Cell boards: cells board for multiple cells, possibly with power interconnections